April 02, 2024

The PRS DW CE 24 Hardtail is a Limited Edition run of the Dustie Waring signature model guitar with a hardtail bridge instead of the Floyd Rose tremolo featured on the regular signature model.

We are so excited to have some of these models available to our customers.  

The DW CE 24 is a hot rodded guitar based on the incredible PRS CE 24 model that has been so popular.  Featuring the highly regarded CE 24 bolt on neck construction with a neck profile tailored to Dustie's specifications. The neck features a slightly thinner back to from profile with the satin finished maple neck, maple fretboard with black outline birds inlay.

An aggressive while flexible tonal palette is created featuring Waring's signature Mojotone DW Gen 2 Tomahawk pickups.  High output and big bottom end are achieved through the choice of Alnico 5 magnets and a special winding technique to maintain clarity not so common in high output pickups.

The featured instrument is in Jade Smokeburst color and is a stunner visually in addition to having awesome sonic performance.

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