August 22, 2023

The Yamaha FSX5 guitar is a concert body offering from the Japanese made Red Label acoustic guitar line.  As with other Red Label offerings, the FSX5 offers an exceptional value in a combination of quality materials, craftsmanship and price point that is incomparable in the marketplace.

Yamaha guitars from the 60's era are acclaimed and sought after for the tonal properties as well as their superior Japanese craftsmanship.  The distinctive red labels of these instruments hearken to an iconic era of Yamaha's entry into building acoustic guitars known for superior craftsmanship, uniquely enhanced tone, and extremely reasonable pricing.  Over the years Yamaha has continued to build upon this well earned legacy with instruments that are consistently hard to beat for value in materials, build quality, and value for price point.

Modern Yamaha Red Label instruments are an impressive blend of vintage styling and tonal properties with a modernized approach to wood aging and electronics capabilities for performing or recording applications.


Atmosfeel Pickup System

The installed Atmosfeel pickup system combines 3 transducers with intuitive and well thought out controls for one of the best amplified acoustic experiences we have seen or heard.

An under saddle piezo element is paired with a microphone as well as a soundboard film transducer to capture string attack, overall resonance and top vibrations for an overall tonal palette to be amplified.  An optimized blend of the bridge and top transducers is routed to a blend control for the player to dial in the optimum amount of microphone signal.  In addition to the volume control the player is also presented with a easy to use single Bass EQ knob that operates a peaking EQ automatically optimizing the selected frequency based on the relative boost or cut position of the knob.  The simplicity of this control does not sacrifice powerful tone changing capabilities but keeps operation uncluttered for those live performance situations needing quick fixes to low frequency issues.


Powerful Vintage Inspired Tone

The Yamaha FSX5 utilizes the time test combination of an all solid mahogany back and sides with a specially treated solid Sitka Spruce top.  This is a proven recipe for a versatile and expressive acoustic guitar tone.  In combination with the Yamaha FS body shape and modified scalloped bracing the woods get to really showcase their expressive and versatile strengths for all styles of playing.

Vintage instruments benefit from an extended aging process that the wood has undergone.  That is both in terms of the amount of time wood was aged before being made into an instrument as well as the age of the instrument itself.

Yamaha has developed a special process to accelerate the tonal benefits of wood aging.  Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E) is a proprietary process that specifically controls temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to allow the wood fibers to quickly develop the cellular characteristics present in a vintage instrument.

For optimal transfer of string energy into the instrument Yamaha has equipped the FSX5 with a bone nut and saddle.  This combination is vintage guitar accurate while still being the preferred materials for enhanced tone.


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