Mackie DLZ Creator Digital Podcasting Mixer

Introducing the podcast mixer that adapts to YOU.

DLZ Creator harnesses decades of Mackie expertise, making every detail count for your productions. From Onyx80 preamps that make even low-output mics sound both loud and pristine, to customized headphone mixes for each of your guests, DLZ Creator gives you the benefits of a professional studio mixer without the steep learning curve. With three versatile modes: Easy, Enhanced, and Pro, you can pick a mode that gets you up and running with as little fuss and as much control as you want. The added benefit of Mackie's MixAgent technology offers you a personal audio assistant that guides you through set and sound check, so you can be recording with as little button pressing as possible. 


  • 10.1" High-resolution full-color touch display with anti-glare coating
  • 4 Discrete XLR/TRS combo inputs
  • Stereo channel with dual 1/4" inputs
  • Stereo channel with 1/8" TRS connection
  • Stereo bi-directional Bluetooth channel
  • Onyx80 mic preamps with up to 80dB gain
  • 14x4 USB-C audio interface to Mac/PC
  • Flexible multitrack recording and stereo playback to MicroSD and USB thumb drive
  • 3-Band parametric EQ + high pass filter
  • Noise gat / De-esser / Compressor
  • Atomizer Reverb and Chronotronic Delay
  • 5 Dynamically color-coded rotary controls
  • 9 Professional 100mm faders
  • Backlit mute, solo, sample triggers, and nav buttons
  • Sample playback
    • Instantly trigger pre-made samples via dedicated backlit buttons
    • Store your favorite sounds and record new ones on the fly to MicroSD
  • 4 Indepedent headphone outputs
    • Individual level control for each output 
    • Create custom mixes for each output (Pro Mode only)
  • Hard power switch and locking power connector