Stentor 1400 Student Violin Outfit

This student violin package is fitted with a good quality bridge and tailpiece with integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable wood bow and well-designed lightweight case with fitted interior, external shoulder rest pocket and music pocket, bow holders and rosin as well as backpack carrying straps. Stentor is the leading manufacturer of high quality student violins and orchestral stringed instruments worldwide. The Stentor name is known for quality, consistency and reliability. Stentor violins, violas take students from their very first beginner instrument up to professional level. Stentor recognizes that the most important instrument for any musician is the one they start on and they are committed to provide the quality and affordability to ensure that players have the most enjoyable and rewarding experience. Stentor violins are carved from solid tone woods, from the initial instrument shape to the finer details. On all Stentor instruments, the bridge and sound post are carefully fitted to ensure the best playability.
  • Carved from solid tonewoods
  • Ebonised straight grained fingerboard
  • High quality dark pau rosa pegs
  • Good student wood bow with ebony frog
  • Lightweight case with safety reflectors